Why buy a custom dress ...

a custom designed dress not only gives you the look you've always dreamed of and a unique style, it can also be customized to your individual shape.  

Don't forget that you can use clothing to both frame your favorite body parts and to disguise for your least favorite.  Send me a list, 3 of your favorite parts and 3 of your least favorite.  I will give you 3 custom options designed to highlight your best parts and hide your worst.  There are a few examples below but no body part is off limits!  

Small Bust


Gathers - these will add volume where you are missing a little creating a larger appearing bust

Horizontal Lines - a horizontal piecing or color blocking will force the eye to look side to side, creating a larger appearing bust. 

Crumb Catcher - adding a crumb catcher will bring more fabric and structure to your bust area giving a smaller appearing bust

Extra Padding - this one is self explanatory :) . 

Large Bust

Scoop, Sweetheart, Modified V Neckline - these shapes will cause the eye to focus on exposed skin rather than actual bust creating a smaller appearing bust

Waist Detailing - a belt or piecing with a different texture draws the eye to the waist and away from the chest creating a smaller appearing bust

Crossover Neckline - the shape gives great coverage while drawing the eye up and down creating a smaller appearing bust


Large Waist

Side Piecings - vertical or angled seams will break up the width of your mid-section creating a smaller appearing waist

Shaped belting - a belt with a larger width toward the outside or a larger width in the center draws the eye to the middle creating a smaller appearing waist