Let me help you personalize your wedding day, give it a distinctive feeling that will be unlike any other.  I will design and create a custom collection of gowns for you and all of your bridal party that will give your day a feeling of unmatched uniqueness.  

Option 1: A custom designed dress collection just for you, your bridesmaids and flower girls (see gallery for examples, look at Melissa's bridal party for full collection of bridesmaid and flower girls dresses)

I like to start with a few questions.  What do you want the day to look and feel like, modern, vintage, simplistic, rustic, etc?  Are you looking for a bridal gown, bridesmaid gowns, flower girl dresses or all of the above?  

Then I like to see pictures of dresses that you like and hear about any specific design ideas you have.  Following the questions and images we move on to sketches!

After a design is agreed on I will source the fabric and begin on the fitting process.  When the fit is finalized the dress construction begins!


Option 2-Let's take a family heirloom out of the closet and give it life again!  (see examples from the 'Jill' and 'Ellie' galleries) 

Send me pictures of the family dress you'd like to wear, pointing out your favorite parts.  I always like to know what you notice most about the dress, what parts do you want to keep in tact.  

I will then send you sketches of different things we could do to the dress, anywhere from a complete re-design to maybe just a simple accessory you'd like to wear on your special day.  There are any number of capes, shawls, hair pieces, belts etc that we can create from a vintage dress.  

After ideas are agreed on the fitting, de-construction and construction begins!!