"I just like to make stuff" -- Cynthia Rowley

Being born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, I’ve been surrounded by elements of design my entire life. From the distinctive neighborhoods I grew up in sewn together by streets and connected by boulevards to my mother’s insistence on every room of my childhood home having its own unique hue.  A life of patterns, beauty, and fabric became almost unavoidable.  When my mother taught me how to sew at the age of 13, the spool began to roll so to speak.  I dove in head first and never looked back.  It eventually brought me to New York City where I enrolled into the Parson’s School of Design. I graduated with a fashion design degree and started my career as a children's wear designer.  

While designing on the computer is creative I still loved to make my own tangible designs.  So, my nights and weekends were spent working on all things bridal.  I've created everything from bridal gowns and accessories to bridesmaids and flower girl dresses.  In 2011 I moved back to where it all started: Kansas City.   All of my custom designs, once created in my studio apartment in Brooklyn have moved to a much bigger :) space, my home studio in Waldo.  On my first trip to New York, Cynthia Rowley, a fashion designer, said to me “I just like to make stuff” which could not sum up how I feel in a more simple way.  So please, let me make something for you.